Bet for your Favorite Football Team

Being one of the oldest sports that are still played until today, soccer is definitely far from being not favored. The fans of this full-powered sport come from all ages, genders, and background; and it does not require them to know the complete rules in the field. Sometimes fans also tend to make their own predictions of which team that will win in matches, which is used by some as a betting activity. Today, people do not need to look for people to do it with, since they can just go to football gambling websites. If you happen to be in Indonesia, Main 303 is one to best sites to start betting on football teams.

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What kind of football gambling?

Main 303 is an Indonesian online casino service provider that does not only offer casino games on the internet, but also sports betting. The website uses bursa taruhan bola, or a community based football gambling service. At this moment, Main 303 is connected with three different sports gambling services, which are SBOBET, IBCBET, and 368BET. Each of these services can be accessed right away, but creating an account to join the betting cannot be done individually. However, users can register themselves through Main 303. By depositing only Rp25,000 on the registration, users will get one account with its ID and password.

How to register

Registering into Main 303 is very easy since users are only asked to fill a form consisting of full name, e-mail address, bank account, and active phone number. One account can only be used for using one game or betting service provider, so in order to get an access to one of those 3 sports betting providers, choose it during the registration. Unfortunately, the website only does transactions using Indonesian banks as for today. Deposit and withdrawal can be done in the active hours of the bank users use in the registration.