How to Cheat the Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is the popular game in most of the operating systems. This game is addicted which means that we will not stop playing until we win the game. We need have many coins and tokens to be unbeatable on the game. Unfortunately, we will need to play much more to bet many coins and tokens.


If we really like playing this game, we can have Jetpack Joyride Cheats. The cheats will save our energy to collect coins and tokens. Then, we also will be able to upgrade our tools on the game easily.

The cheat code

To get the code for cheating the Jetpack Joyride, we need to down the Jetpack Joyride cheats first. The function of the cheats is to add our coins and tokens in the game. The cheat is available for all players of all operating systems. But, the cheat codes are different for every operating system.

For Android users, we follow this cheat code. The 001 code is for Lonely Badge for singularity. Then, the 002 code is for the Double badge for Rainbows. The third code is for a Sleepy badge for naps which uses 003. We also can get Quadruple badge for jazz from 004. For the custard, we can get from 005, the funky badge. Another code is a Prestigious badge for bacon. The last one is the “not so lucky badge” which is got from 007.

The cheat codes for iPhone users are not the same with the Android users. In iPhone, the code uses secret words. My son is the cheat for finishing the entire mission. Then, Alpha Charlie echo is used to fly over 2km. Then, the words “angry wings” will give us profit bird two times in one game. “Blinged Out” can be used to buy a golden vehicle.