Internet Radio

You might think that the era of radio has been ended. In the past, TV was the reason why not many people listen to radio anymore. Now that the years had changed, the younger generations have more interests towards the internet. When television makes people stick to watch shows, news, series, and everything visual, internet has everything including both audio and visual aspects. This is one of the reasons why internet radio exists.


Many people from the younger generation are seeking for entertainment through the internet. Whether watching videos, reading articles, games, and getting busy with social media. But one thing that people these days have something in common with classic radio generation is that music is still one of the main interests.

By the fact that people these days have more busy activities and less break time, when in the same time they need some sort of refreshment, entertainment in the form of audio is one of the important things that people seek. By that, they could do the activities while also having to enjoy the entertainment and not needing to spend much time in not being productive.


Not any different with the regular radio stations, there are many programs that you could listen to. Starting from talk shows with guests, news, interactive shows, and most importantly music. The music in the Internet Radio has more diversity, varied from genres, artists, even different languages and from various countries.

The music is also not only limited to the recent hits, in some stations or sites, you could go for particular suggestions of music. Such as music from the different generations like the 50s – 90s, even classical music from the old times. This expands the target audience, making it not only the younger people but also the older generation who can enjoy.