The Rule of the Betting Website

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Every game has several rules which will make the game still fair play. On the situs Judi bola terpercaya, there are several general rules which you should follow as the basic things to do on the website.

The rules

When you become the member of the website, it assumes that you agree and understand the rules on the Situs303.

Then, every legal act from the betting which is done by the member will not become the site’s responsibility. It assumes that you know the consequence and you are responsible for that.

The betting risk is very obvious and as a member, you must know the financial risk of betting. Then, you should be responsible for putting the bet.

Becoming a member of this website should be older enough than 18 years old. It can be said that you are mature enough for every responsibility of the betting.

After becoming a member, you should be responsible for keeping the username and password away from other people. The changing of the membership identity can be done through customer service. If you change your mobile phone number or bank account, you can need to report it immediately.

For deposit, this website offers affordable deposit which is Rp. 20.000 for a minimum deposit. But, the minimum withdrawal is about Rp. 50.000. This website also offers transfer, deposit, and withdraw to one user id website to another user id website. It has to be done from the same name of membership and bank account. The minimum transfer is about Rp. 100.000.

Then, when you do deposit from the unregister bank account, it will not be approved. The deposit will be returned to that bank account. The deposit and withdrawal can be done anything, as long as the bank is not offline.