Great Place to Make Your Lashes Even Prettier

You can make your own lashes prettier than ever


Do you want to shape your lashes prettier? You can get the volume lashes for your lashes then. It will give you thicker and fuller lashes than the classic traditional semi – permanent extensions. The volume lashes treatment is started out in Russia and it quickly spread to the other countries. But maybe you are asking what is the different between the classic traditional lashes extensions to the volume lashes extensions. The classic traditional eyelash extensions are attached to your own natural lashes at the ratio of 1 : 1 meanwhile the volume lashes extensions would allow two to four eyelashes extensions to be attached to your each one of natural lash. If you are asking whether it would be healthy for you, I should say yes because the eyelash extensions that used for the volume lashes technique is pretty much thinner in a diameter and very little weight to your own lashes during the adhesive process.

How do I get it?

First of all, you need to consult the trained technician, you can go to Eyelash Extensions Studio City to get the best advice for your beautiful lashes. Most of people would be able to get the 2D volume effect and can’t go further but some other people could go to 6D volume effect. It will depend on the health of your natural lashes, the diameter of your natural lashes and the length of your natural lashes. You better know that the volume treatment won’t give you any length addition because the focus would be the volume. If the extensions going too much or too long, there are more of weight would be added to your natural lashes and it most likely to shed prematurely. You don’t want it happen, don’t you?