Assurance Wireless and Everything behind It

The nothing-free thing is easy to get. You have to fulfill the requirement in it. Click here to get more information about Assurance Wireless because before you use its service, you have to make sure that you are in the term of it. You also need to know the states of Assurance Wireless program. Check its website to know the states of it. You will get the update information from its website because they always update their site.


Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements are different from state to state. Therefore, at least you have to check your area before applying. Assurance Wireless eligibility requirements loosely need to follow federal guidelines. It is a good chance that we participate in Food Stamps, Social Security Income, Medicaid, and other government assistant programs. Those programs help you to get the free government cell phone from Assurance Wireless.

Therefore, how if you do not participate in that program listed? You can still qualify under the income guidelines. Your household income should be below or up to 135% of federal poverty guidelines. In some states, they allow up you 150% of the federal poverty guidelines, for example, are Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas all use the 150% federal poverty level guideline. After you are eligible to accept this program, you have to notice the price list of the additional package in its website. The package included a message and call, or call only. Additional minutes are well calculated here. Are you ready with it? If you are ready, then you have to let yourself be part of this program. Check carefully about the term and condition to gain this package, and more of it. Enjoy it today and get the fast response from Assurance Wireless representative.