How to Top – Up Your Assurance Wireless Account

Assurance Wireless

You have so many options to manage

There are several choices of plans in Assurance wireless and happily tell you that actually you can choose one from the several ways that you are most comfortable of. You can add more of money and change your current plans right from their website. But, if you don’t know how to do it or you might find it uncomfortable, you can top – up and change your plan through the Assurance’s automated phone service or get you own mobile top – up card at the nearest retail stores so paying the extra minutes, data and texts is never going to be drain out your energy. The simplest way to pay up your Assurance Wireless account by using your credit card, PayPal and debit card then you can top – up your extra data, minutes and texts.

The easy – to – do methods

Add more of your money and change your plans through the Assurance Wireless website. Come through the website and click on the log – in then you can directly to provider by entering your phone number and account PIN. Go to your My Account page and enter your payment method or Top – Up card PIN and choose whether you want the $5 Talk (which means you will get more of 250 minutes just by paying $5 more) and $30 Unlimited (which means you will get more of minutes of talk, text and data by paying more of $30) by selecting the “change offers”. One thing for sure, once you already purchased the plan for month, you will only need to purchase the next one at the beginning of your next cycle. You also can change plans and deposit some of money right through your cell phone. Just go to “My Account” Menu and top – up your card’s PIN number.