Carrageenan used in cosmetic industry

Carrageenan is a natural plant material which is categorized under the subtitle of food ingredient. Over the 100 plus decades the carrageenan has been used as a main food ingredient in African countries and at present time there is no fast food item was prepared without using the carrageenan as one of the ingredients.

Apart from the food industry, the carrageenan is used for some products like cosmetic items, milk based items, and toothpaste companies. The great properties of carrageenan make it is an all rounder product which is used in all kind of products.

At present time, the cosmetic companies in the market, whether it may be good or bad and famous or not famous, all of them are using the carrageenan content in their food items due to due to its gelling and gumming properties.

The use of carrageenan in the toothpaste items will generate inflammatory agents in its parts. toothpaste is an only product which all use in our daily day to day life, so that the over intake of carrageenan may be possible due to using the carrageenan based toothpaste. So that be careful while using the carrageenan based toothpaste.

Other than toothpaste cosmetic items like face creams, painkiller gels, massage cells are contained the carrageenan as one the most important ingredient. Carrageenan is used in face creams due to its perfect texture finishing property and gaming property.

Most of the liquid based painkiller gels are having carrageenan as a gum making agent. The painkiller gels are mostly packed with simple tubes and with very small quantity level. The carrageenan is used in that gels to make a liquid ingredient to solid gel based structure. So that it can be packed easily.