DNA, Who Is the Man behind the Discovery?

If you like watching detective or sci-fi movies, you must be familiar with DNA testing. Yes, with at home or legal DNA testing, you can find out many things about yourself, including your paternity information and potential genetic disease that you may suffer from. Wow, don’t you think DNA testing is amazing? No wonder that the world also commemorates the day when DNA double helix was found, April 25. Is the day really exist?


Of course, yes. You know, scientists have worked hard to reveal the big secret of humans’ body. Interestingly, the discovery does not stop at this point that humans have the so-called DNA which equally resembles their parents, half from the father and half from the mother. The development of science is able to catch the suspect of a crime without looking at the recording of CCTV as DNA testing shows whose fingerprints or falling hair it is. But, the most important thing here is, do you know who the man behind the discovery of DNA is?

Watson and Crick

According to Nature Education, the research on DNA has begun hundred years ago, in 1860s. However, it took quite a long time before James Watson and Francis Crick realized that your DNA molecules forms a three-dimensional double helix in 1953. If you count it, it is nearly 100 years of research to come with this discovery so you must appreciate the hard work by knowing the key persons of it.

Definitely, the discovery of DNA molecules by Watson and Crick does not stop here because many scientists after the year continued the hard work. If previously you had to take drops of blood to get the information of your DNA—just like what you see in movies, nowadays, even your hair can be a good source of your DNA information. Fantastic!