The Basic Usage of Carrageenan

Are you into yogurts with its rich texture and the foamy look? Is ice cream one of your favorite foods? Do you like the cheese cream or the salad dressing for your personal enjoyment? If most of your answers are yes then you enjoy the existence of carrageenan, a special substance that is claimed to be  natural and healthy for your everyday consumption.

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Understanding More about Carrageenan

So, what is carrageenan, really? Carrageenan is a type of fibrous substance that can improve the taste and texture of the foods. Without the carrageenan, the yogurt will be lumpy and the ice cream will melt. Not to mention that most of the flavors will be affected, resulting in the low and poor quality of foods. That’s why the carrageenan is added and mixed in the foods.

Is carrageenan new to the food industry? Not exactly. You see, the carrageenan is extracted from the special red algae, native to the Irish coasts. There is a village near the coast, called as the Carragheen – that’s how the algae got its name. The people in that village have used the carrageenan for a lot of things. They have used it for food mixture or herbal remedies. Yes, the carrageenan is believed to have the natural trait of being able to cure the digestive problem and the ulcer.

The History and Development

Around the 1930s, the substance was brought to America and introduced to the modern food industry. After examinations and studies had been done to carrageenan, FDA declared that the substance is safe and it can be used in the food industry. Since then, carrageenan has been used in the food industry for more than 50 years, and there has never been any problem with it.  Of course, it would be great if you can manage a wise consumption on your part because too much-processed foods are never good for anyone.