Pet Possession

Pet possession is a must for most people these days where the two top favorite pets are always cats and dogs. The first reason why people tend to have pets in their house is because it annihilates loneliness. Yes, pets can be very fun to play with since pets are able to do amazing stuffs which keep us from getting bored. Moreover, pets are not only for entertainment purposes where according to some scientific studies, pets are very helpful in accompanying people with mental-related issues.


ESA Regulation

People which are often to suffer from depression or stressful are usually recommended to own dogs since dos are able to reduce the stress level significantly according to some scientific studies. Therefore, there is a current regulation that some of us may not aware of, related with pet possession. The regulation is about ESA which stands for Emotional Support Animal. This regulation asserts that people with mental-related issues have a full right to own pets which is for health purposes. The question that rises is: Is it useful?

No-Pet Residence

Well, it is extremely useful especially for some of us who are, unfortunately, living in a certain place where pet possession is not allowed. Yes, those places exist which can be a troublesome issue for both pet lovers and people with mental-related issues who want to own pet. This is why the ESA regulation becomes very helpful since those “no-pet” regulations will not be valid anymore. People who are granted with ESA letter will have the right to register emotional support dog in areas where possessing pets is not allowed. Another great thing about this ESA regulation is that the ESA letter will never have an expired date hence we can use it anytime we want. This is practically the best solution for some of us who are living in those “no-pet” places.