Understanding SARMS

These days, the term SARMS is quite popular and has become quite a hype, especially among bodybuilders. This new substance claimed to be an effective alternative to steroid and it has shown positive outcome with less side effects – unlike the steroid. However, are you sure that SARMS is very good and suitable for your condition? What are the main beneficial and healthy properties?

Understanding SARMS

SARMS is the short for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, and it has been claimed to be a perfect substance for steroid cycles and also Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Aside being used by bodybuilders to help them enhance muscle growth and boost muscle mass, this substance is claimed to help in several ailments and diseases as well.


Androgen is a type of hormone that is connected to another molecule, knowing as ligands. It is attached and located to cellular androgen receptors. The receptor itself is a pathway for signal transduction leading to specific genes superior expression.

When you use prohormones or anabolic steroids, you are basically building up muscles and increase mass through this androgen receptor. Meanwhile, the selective receptor modulator is basically a drug that can help or obstruct the same nuclear hormone receptor, depending on the various different conditions and circumstance. When it obstructs or boost a receptor within selective manner tissues, it can imitate the beneficial effects within that one tissue and decrease the unwanted effects of steroid hormones simultaneously.

The Strength

Unlike the AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids), which is known as the regular steroid, SARMS will interact directly and mostly with the receptors in bone structures and muscle tissues. Hence, the improvement of muscle mass and muscle growth is undoubtedly better and more efficient. This supplement is believed to improve injury healing process, increase leas mass, and strengthen the bone structure, thanks to its unique trait.