Tanning Bed Maintenance: How to Replace the Lamps

Just like any other things, tanning bed also needs maintenance in order to keep it functional and perfectly works. There are a few parts in a tanning bed which need maintenance, such as cleaning or even a replacement since some parts don’t work forever. One of the most sensitive parts that you have to carefully take care of is the lamps. The lamps or the bulbs are the most important part too since they’re the one which emit UV light to get your skin tanned. Here’s how to replace them when they already need to be replaced.

Do They Need to Be Replaced?


When you purchased the lamps in the first place, do notice the details of the product such as their durability, quality, and so on. This will help you determine when to just clean and take care of them only, and when to replace them. Tanning bed bulbs mostly have about 1,000 to 2,000 hours life, depends on the quality—which is why quality detail is important. Also, you can use the UV readers to see if the lamps are still working properly or not. To decide it, see if the lamps still emit the necessary UV light you need to get tanned. If they’re already losing their capabilities, then it’s time to buy new ones.

The Replacement

The tanning bed bulbs replacement itself is actually a simple thing to do. It’s basically like changing the lamps at home, just unplug and install a new one. So all you have to do is turn off the electricity first, make sure the bulbs are no longer hot before you touch it, and then proceed. Take out the ends of the bulb one by one, and do the same for the replacements. After you replace the bulbs, make sure they’re on the right position and safely locked and secured. You need every single bulb to work properly, though. So make sure you have replaced them all in order to make the tanning bed or booth work perfectly as a whole.