How to Start a Blog

While starting a blog may sound like a very easy thing to do—considering tens to thousands of blogs are started every day—it really is not. Because your goal would not be to simply create a random blog. You want it to shine and attract readers. You want it to turn into a gold mine and start making money for you. There are few things better than being able to talk and write about things you love every day while making a living out of it. Many have succeeded in creating a blog that manages to net them a good sum of money, and you will be one of them if you smartly avoid beginner’s mistake by actually seeking advice from people who have actually done it before you jump into the fray.

Steps for Starting a Blog


Several steps involved when it comes to the question about how to start a blog are:

  • Picking a Platform

Depending on what type of blog you would like to create, there are several platforms that would allow you to create a domain name on their server. While some of these platforms would require you to pay a certain amount of money, most are free.

  • Find a Hosting Provider

A hosting provider is the one that would give you space to store all your important files in within the internet world. You would often have to pay for a hosting provider’s services, but the cost is usually very affordable.

  • Install Essential Tools

In order to create a successful blog, there are essential tools that would be necessary to help you along the way. Plugins that could help you organize your files, make your blog more functional, and webpage tracking device are some of the many that you would need.

Once everything is set, the next thing you need to do is start posting. It is important to realize that you could not get everything right in one try, but you can always minimize mistakes by following tips and tricks to creating a successful and interactive blog.