Ring of Power

Did you know that there’s a ring that could control your gadgets for men? And no, it’s not the One Ring from the Lord of the Rings. It’s a new technology that still in beta mode. Also, you still need to pair it with an Oculus Rift to make it work. But really, it’s a controller ring.

gadgets for men

One Ring To Rule All

The ring is called Fin and it runs on low Bluetooth level. This ring shows how gadget for men has taken another step to be wearable. It was introduced and exhibited at this year E3, and of course, a lot of people are waiting in line to try it. Not to mention, they have surpassed their donation target to create a couple of prototypes. Anyway, Fin would be able to act as your TV remote and even game controller. Just picture yourself changing your TV channel with a flick of a finger.

No Invisible Effect

When gadget for men is starting to boast a slim and sleek design, Fin might be a bit bulky to some people. But this technology could help a lot of people with disabilities or on the recovery process. You just need to insert the ring to your thumb and connect it with your selected device, whether it’s your phone or your Xbox or any gadget for men. With a single flick of your finger, you can control the volume on your speaker. What’s more, you only need to charge Fin once a week to make good use of it.

Interested? The retail price is still somewhere around US$100-150. And you can always support the creators through donating on their project page. And maybe there are other companies that will integrate Fin onto their devices. After all, gadgets for men holds limitless amount of ideas and inspirations.