The Function of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has definitely changed the way people communicate and get connected to one another. You might be familiar with similar chatting platform of Yahoo chat in the past, but such application was only available for web usage and restricted for computer or PC usage only. But thanks to technology and its development, now you can enjoy WhatsApp for you mobile devices, designed for easier usage and improved comfort.

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WhatsApp for Mobile Devices

The great thing about WhatsApp for mobile devices is the fact that it is compatible with all smartphone platforms and operating system. It is easy to find one and directly install Whatsapp to your device through the right channel. For instance, you only need to browse through Google Play Store if you are using Android devices. You can search through BlackBerry World if you use BlackBerry or through iTunes App Store if you use iPhone.

Setting the Account

Everything about WhatsApp is made easy and simple. For a starter, you only need to use your phone number to create an account. If you are looking for other contacts, you can also use the phone number – there is no such thing as certain PIN numbers or such thing alike. If you want to make adjustments, WhatsApp now has all the available features. You can enjoy WhatsApp wallpaper, for instance, so your screen won’t be plain and boring anymore. If you want to, you can also make a phone call through your WhatsApp account – which won’t affect your mobile data plan or spending. There are also emoticons and stickers, in case you want to have more colorful conversation.

Is It Free?

WhatsApp is free for download and installation, but you may need to pay after a year of free usage. Don’t worry, you only have to pay $1 a year to enjoy all the features. Updates are always available and you will be notified when it is available.