Ever Heard of the Rainbow Tree Before?

It is like a tree from another beautiful world!


Not only being beautiful to look at, used in landscape design and malaria prevention. Eucalyptus deglupta (or more being well – known with rainbow tree) also used for paper making, although the paper will turns out to be white not the rainbow paper. You also can use the wood of rainbow tree for ornamental purposes such as furniture or cabinets. When you chopped down and crafted the rainbow tree’s wood in such a way, the bright hues will disappear but still it shows various shades of brown and green. If you want to get one of the rainbow tree for ornamental purposes then you should pay more attention because this amazing tree is requires you to give a great care. The reason is pretty simple, the wood must be completely dried very slowly in order to prevent any cracking to its wood.

More of details about this amazing tree

The rainbow tree’s height is 100.000 to 250.000 feet and will only bloom in seasonal bloomer. You will recognize this season because the outer color of this amazing tree will turns out into white. The rainbow tree must get a lot of full sun and will only survive in a medium to wet environment. So you will only see this amazing tree in a rich, medium to wet soils in full sun and have no tolerant with frost. The rainbow tree is a really a big tree, fast – growing and the broadleaved evergreen tree that’s native to moist humid tropical forested areas with high rainfall like in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Philippine. You will get the best noted for the smooth orange – tinted trunk bark which will peels in the summer season to reveal a unique and sometimes a complete stunning multi – colored bark.