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Ethos, pathos and logos are defined, respectively, as credibility or ethical appeal, emotional appeal, and the reasonability or consistency of a claim (Edlund). The unique features and layout of have created a figurative representation of ethos, pathos and logos that separates it from other music applications, such as YouTube or Spotify.

Ethos Define

Ethos is demonstrated on by the sense of credibility given to an artist’s personal page, whether they have ten followers or ten thousand followers. Although any user can post any audio file that they have created, they are always given credit through the creative commons licenses that requires users agree to before posting their audio (Horn).

Buy SoundCloud Comments

Pathos Define

Pathos is demonstrated through the ability to like, repost, and share songs with others by being a way of saying that the song created such a great an emotional response in the user that they want to share that feeling with their friends and followers. These features have also helped to build the connected community on by helping users discover songs by scrolling through other users’ likes, listening to their reposts, or clicking on what was shared through other forms of social media (Horn).

Logos Define

Finally, logos are demonstrated through the simple, logical layout of the website. A user’s feed displays all the posts and reposts from other users that they follow, in the order that they were posted or reposted. An individual artist’s page displays the sounds that they themselves have created and uploaded, tracks that they have reposted, and a list of tracks that they have like, all in chronological order. An individual song’s page displays the sound wave of the song, the time placed comments, and the options to like, repost, or add the song to a playlist. You can even buy SoundCloud comments (Horn).