Safelink Wireless in Arkansas

In Arkansas, the Safelink Wireless is available for eligible people. The general requirement to get is simple. Safelink Wireless is available for a household who have not applied for any free cell phone service. Then, we should have valid US mailing address. It can be our house or apartment. It cannot be the workplace address or our relative address. The application cannot be approved when we do not have shelter.


The program based application

To get Safelink Wireless we can get from public assistance programs. We can participate and become volunteers of the programs. The public assistance programs which will help to get Safelink Wireless are Federal Public Housing Assistance or Section 8, Medicaid or AHCCS, Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program or Food Stamps, Home Energy, and Aid to Families. To be qualified in getting Safelink Wireless, we should not follow the entire program. We can choose one of the programs. Then, in Arkansas, the application to get Safelink Wireless based on public program is not require document. Then, this method is the easy one. We only need to sign under the oath of perjury.

The income based application

We cannot participate in public assistance programs in our state. We still can get Safelink Wireless from income based application. In Arkansas, our household income should be at or under 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines to be qualified. The household income is determined by the member of the family. If we live on our won, we should have annual income about or under $14,702. Then, when the size of our family is two, the household income should not be $19,859 a year. For three member of the family, the household income for a year should be less than $25,016. The more member of the family will require more income. Then, we should read carefully for this requirement. Visit to find out more.