Some Service Examples In App Store Optimization Services

Rating and Review

app store optimization

If we are being asked which app that will mostly download in the app store, the answer should be the one who have a good rating and has been downloaded by many people. It is true since people are more likely to trust app which have gained app from other people in the review section or in the rating. App store optimization services are services that might some of us who are currently an app developer to introduce our app to the people by having our app sitting in the high rank in the app store. That’s right, we don’t need to desperately seeking for a way to increase the number of positive feedbacks or decent rating from people where by using these services, we will got all of those things in no time. There are actually many other services which are provided by app store optimization services besides rating and review.


Another service which can be found to make people know our app is the retention. High retention will make the app store to put our app in the top list apps in the app store’s front page hence people will see our app more often seen the first app that people will see in the app store is the one who is in the front page. Why app store loves app with high retention? High retention measures how often people that have downloaded our app to use our app in a certain period of time. For example, retention can track down how many people use the app on the daily basis where it can be shown in the form of graphic. Higher retention means that people are often using our app where it means our app is more or less satisfying. This is why app store loves an app with high retention since people love it also.