Court Paternity Test

If you live in the USA and under the USA government law, you might know that the rate of children from unmarried couple and divorce rate is high. Most of the times, people who are getting divorce or people who have children without marriage would have a problem with child custody.


When taking care of a child custody case, the court usually demands an evidence to prove the right for the child. To decide the custody, the court first needs to know that the child is indeed the biological child of the parents. Sometimes, there would be a case where a child was claimed by a father or a mother to get the custody. For the legit result, the court would need an evidence to determine if the claim is true.

DNA Test

DNA test is one of the best way of proving biological paternity or maternity status. The test is the most common to use as Court paternity test due to the high rate of accuracy. DNA tests are usually performed by experts in a medical institution, and way to do it is only that if you go to the hospital or medical institution.

But nowadays, you could do the modern DNA test much easier. You do not need to go to the hospital or a lab to get it done. By the development of technology, it makes DNA test much more accurate and could be way easily accessed. The internet is also a way for you to get the test. Some of the websites are actually legit and would give you accurate result. You do not need to spend too much time and effort, it makes the court process way more efficient and the result of the test is usually very quick as well. You could get the information of the sites that provides DNA paternity test online.