Learning the Terms of Deductible or Own Risk in Car Insurance Services

For those who still confuse about the meaning of car insurance, I give you simple explanation before we jump into the main topic. In general, thebasic principle of car insurance is giving full protection for your vehicle the risk that listed inside the policy book happens. These are the example of the risk: car accident, car theft, natural disaster, compulsion and destruction.

But if we learn it further from the car insurance policy book, you might found port name insured (owner), objects pictures (your car’s photo), scope (comprehensive insurance or total loss only), and deductible.Unfortunately, many policyholdersstill do not know the terms, especially deductible.On this occasion, I will give you an intent explanation of the term deductible in a car insurance policy.


For your knowledge, thedeductible or own risk is the cost to be paid by the owner to a car insurance if there are some risk that listed on the policy book happened and the owner demands a claim. The point is when you want to claim your car insurance; you need to pay the deductible cost. Every car insurance companies offer different deductible cost, but overall the rates are around $20 – $30.

One more important thing you should know that amount of the cost of the premium paid will affect prices deductible cost. The greater the cost of the premium paid, the cost of deductible will become progressively lower. On the contrary, if the premium paid is low then the cost of deductible will be high

That is all about learning the term of deductible or own risk in a car insurance service. Hope it will help you choose the best insurance matches your needs. But in case you still have difficulty on choosing, I suggested you try to visit free car insurance quotes websites. I’ll give you one website I usually visit when looking for good car insurance companies with good rates: http://cheapcarinsurancenet.net