The Application of Romeo and Juliet Law in California

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In the United States, every state has different law and it applies to the Romeo and Juliet law. The Romeo and Juliet law California may have the same principle with other states. But, the application will not a little bit different. This law is also known as the arbitrarily one. It may not be able to be used in certain situations. Besides that, not all states have this law.

The general use of Romeo and Juliet law

The Romeo and Juliet law can help in preventing a person’s name to be on a nationwide sex offender list. The boy who is accused of the sex crime may still be on the register as a sex offender. But, with the Romeo and Juliet law, he will be on the sex offender list for an only limited time. It could help to save a life for a young boy who still has a chance for bright future.

The Romeo and Juliet law in California

In California, the Romeo and Juliet law can be applied for the sex crime when the female files for a criminal charge and it leads to statutory rape. The law can be use when both the female and male are minor and the sex consensual. The law can be applied when the age difference for both of them is not more than three years. Then, we could use the law for reducing charges and sentences, such as lowering it down a felony charge to a misdemeanor charge. It cannot be used for exonerating the offender. The Romeo and Juliet law can be applied when the offender does not know the victim’s age. It can be used as the defense. It is because California is one of the very few states in the Unites States of America that allow the possibility of this defense angle.