The Real Truth about Carrageenan


The concern about health is the important thing and it applies to being aware of the consumption which we take daily or regularly. Our radar on health could happen when it is about foods. Naturally, human’s body needs food for energy to do many activities for aliving. Unfortunately, not all kinds of food which are consumed are good for health. The concern about the health and wellness from food may fall to the carrageenan side effects. It occurs because the carrageenan is commonly mistaken with another food ingredient which has adifferent function.

The clear explanation about carrageenan

We could try to know about carrageenan from the basic knowledge. Carrageenan is the ingredient derived from red seaweed. It can be said that it is similar with gelatin which is made from animal products. On the other hands, carrageenan is made from aplant which grows on the sea. It is mostly used to thicken food products. You may find it on dairy milk, ice cream, and yogurts. Besides that, carrageenan is used for cooking. Many cooks use it for years and it has been extensively reviewed and approved for used in foods.

The mistaken happens because carrageenan is thought as the thing which is related to poligeenan. Poligeenan is a completely different substance. It is the harmful one and it can be used in foods. Carrageenan is not the same and it does not contain poligeenan.

In general, carrageenan does not danger for our health and wellness. It has been used for years and it can be created in any home kitchen. The process is not so complicated. It only involves simply cooking seaweed with a little salt. Then, it needs a bit of food –grade alcohol and mixes it in a household blender to release the natural carrageenan.