Different Types of Water Bottles

What’s so special about custom water bottles, anyway? Well, for a starter, water bottles are totally useful, handy, and functional. For your busy schedules and activities, the water bottles can help you a lot in getting direct and immediate access to fresh and clean water. And second, today’s water bottles are unbelievably cute and adorable. They come in various designs, shapes, colors, and sizes, and they have their own functions, purposes, and benefits. Third, the bottles are very easy to custom. You can print almost anything you like on the surface, whether it is company’s logo or your own name.


Different Types of Bottles

There are so many different types of bottles available on the market. Choose different types of them, depending on your needs.

  • Nalgene bottle. This type of bottle is especially popular among hikers and campers. They are flexible and cute, and they are sturdy – in the sense that they are indestructible. If you think about having custom Nalgene bottles, they can seriously make memorable impact.
  • Aluminum bottle. It is economical and lightweight. It is solid with classic type of aluminum casing. This bottle is especially poplar giveaway for clubs or teams.
  • Bike bottle. As the name suggests, this type of bottle is especially designed for bikers. It comes with lightweight feature and portability, allowing it to be carried around being attached to your bike. It is generally popular for promotional events product.

  • CamelBak bottle. CamelBak is known for its exclusive and luxurious design. You can say that it is the premium design for water bottles. The bottle comes with high quality feel and construction, and definitely ‘more expensive’ feel.
  • Steel bottle. If you like the old school type that is pretty strong and solid, the steel bottle is your best option. It gets more handsome with personalized logo or slogans.