Basic concept about the soccer game

The soccer is a famous game which is commonly known as football. In online gambling portals, it is referred as judi pola online game. Football is a famous game which has loved by billions of peoples in all over the world.  There are many more tournaments contacted to satisfy the fans of the football game.

There are most popular sports mans in a football game who are taken as a role model for young generations. There is basic structure if prescribed to play the football game. Here we are going to see the basic information and structure about the football game,

A football is a game which is played by two different teams. Each of the football teams consists of 11 football players. All of the players are divided for various purpose such as goalkeeper as position 1 player and other 10 players are divided into

  • Renting attack player as defender in back side,
  • Center attack player as a striker in the front side,

Here the back defender team has a major part of the players because they are responsible for forwarding the ball towards the goal point. the dividing of the number per players for back, center, and strikers are based on the tactics used.

When dividing players by the MANA 4-2 then There are 4 back players, 4 central players and 2 striker players in a team. When they using the 5-3-2 tactics then there are 5 back player, 3 central players, and 2 striker players.

In a football game, the goal is through the ball inside the goal post by only using the legs with following certain rules and regulations. The opposite team will stop you to place a goal whereas the same process is done on the other team also.