Bru-Bag’s Interesting Rules You Have to Know

This is weekend and I have no idea of what to do. Why don’t you play with your friends? It does not necessarily mean that you have to go to the shopping malls or cafes because you can do fun activities together in your back yard. Yup, playing Bru-Bag is a nice idea you had better trying in this weekend because your friends will never say no to it. Just prepare the game set that consists of game boards, wood covers, and bean bags for two teams and have a good time!


But wait! Before you play this fun game, you have to know the basic rules first. For your information, Bru-Bag combines Cornhole rules with beer pong ones thus you will feel like playing two games at once. Interesting, isn’t it? Now, let’s see some rules you have to apply during the game. Do not worry, the rules will not get you bored, but excited:

Cover the hole, immediately

In Cornhole, you have to toss your bean bag into the holes and when you make it, you will get the perfect score of three. That is it. Interestingly, Bru-Bag adds one more rule taken from beer pong: cover the whole soon after the bag goes through. To do this, you have to be extra careful watching the holes because you must cover them ASAP. If not, your opponents may toss another bag and make it goes through the same hole, an instant win! It is dangerous as you will lose the game in this way.

You are the rules

Cornhole and beer pong some strict rules to obey, but Bru-Bag is different. This game have the so-called redemption, overtime, re-racks, bag backs and so on, but you do not have to apply all of them during the game. You guys can modify the rules as you like. You play the game, you make the rules. Cool!