How to Save Some Money While Traveling in Southeast Asia

My friends and I are planning to have a trip around Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand this year. We don’t just want to hop from an airport to another airport. We know we want to see and visit as many places as possible. That’s why, we are planning a road trip (when possible) by using buses.


We plan to fly from Jakarta to Singapore and then travel by bus from the city. We have already planned our routes and booked some trips on Our journey will involve visiting a lot interesting places in those three countries so we need to book the right trips that will get us to our destinations most effectively. Fortunately, there are a lot of trips an routes to choose on Easybook.

Easy to use

We are confident that the trip will be successful because we have used Easybook before. I usually use it to get some information and even book trips from Jakarta to Solo, Surabaya, and other places for working or leisure purposes. Just like the name, the service is very easy to use. With some simple steps, we can book our tickets without even leaving the comfort of our homes. After we buy our ticket, we will receive an e-ticket/invoice that we can exchange for the boarding ticket when we depart. Although we cannot change the date and time or cancel our journey, we can pass or sell the ticket to a friend if any sudden change happens to our plan.

Interesting tour promo

Besides providing information and selling bus tickets, Easybook also has some very interesting offerings for tour packages. They are often sold with promotional discounts or economic packages. Currently, the website offers a very interesting deal with Legoland and the Water Park. With an affordable price, we can book the coach, visit the theme park, and play in the water park. Since all of us are into Lego, we decide to buy this deal from Easybook.