The Enjoyment of Trekking Vietnam

trekking vietnam

If you are interested in the outdoor activities, exploring the wild, and spending most of your time going up and down the hills, you may be interested in trekking Vietnam. A lot of people go to Vietnam to enjoy different activities in their holiday. Some of them may be interested in the regular tour, while some are looking for adventurous trip to explore the nature. If you prefer the latter, you should choose a reliable and professional provider.

Environment Diversity

One of the reasons why Trekking Vietnam is very popular and likeable is because of the environment diversity and the natural beauty. There are a lot of choices you can have, such as wandering around the hustle and bustle of Hanoi or Saigon, exploring the pagodas and temples, or going away to the peaceful and serene coastal areas of Da Nang and Hoi. There are some popular spots like Lang Co, Perfume River, Mekong Delta, or Hai Van Pass, but there are still more secluded areas and places that have never been explored before. If you want to have unforgettable moments, forget staying in the cities only. You need to explore various places like Da Lat with its small and mountainous area, or go sailing in the emerald green water at Ha Long Bay. If you think that all parts of Vietnam are just the same, you are hugely mistaken. Each place has its own unique and special feature; be sure that you won’t get bored traveling here.

Different Trekking Options

When you ask for help and assistance from Voyage Vietnam, you will be given different options for the trekking packages. For instance, you can enjoy a 4 day hike in Bac Ha, the northern area of Vietnam, with less than $200. Whether you are a professional or beginner hiker, you will definitely enjoy the experience. Or you can also enjoy a 6 day trekking adventure with less than $270.