Traveling to Malaysia from Singapore by Train

Singapore and Malaysia are two neighboring countries with good public transportation and good connecting systems. If you live in Singapore and you want to go to Malaysia for excursion or business, you can always use the available public transportation. There are several ways to travel between the two countries and using the train is one of the most convenient (and also inexpensive) systems available.

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Traveling to Malaysia

There are some means of transportation as well as checking points when you want to go from Singapore to Malaysia. Besides using the car, you can also rent a car, use the taxi, travel by bus, or travel by train. Of course, different methods will have their own strengths and flaws. If you consult the easybook website, you can choose the different means of transportation to buy the tickets.

If you visit the website, for instance, you can book the train tickets. The greatest advantage of having the online booking is that you can choose the schedule that you want as well as choosing the seats. In case you are traveling from Woodland to Johor Bharu, for example, there are several schedules from Woodland to JB Sentral and there are only several minutes apart.

The Online Easiness
Managing the online booking, like the one you do at, has its own benefits and easiness. For a starter, you don’t have to deal with the manual system anymore. No more going to the traditional ticket booth. No more standing in lines. You can do the reservation at home or even on the go. Let’s say that you are on the way to Woodland and you want to reserve a train ticket, you only need to access your smartphone and connect it to the internet.  By managing the online system, you can get the tickets easily and within less than 5 minutes so by the time you arrive at Woodland, you already have the tickets.