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It is a bit fresh to start your vacation in the morning. Here is the morning bus schedule from Penang to Singapore. They are New Asian Travel (Express Senibudaya Coach) Supernice B. The bus will pick you in Penang Komtar to Golden Mile Complex at 09.35, or you can choose from Penang Komtar to Woodland at the same time of the departure. In addition, if you choose to depart at 10.05, you can start from Sungai Nibong to Golden Mile Complex or Sungai Nibong to Woodland. The last bus that departs in the morning is at 10.45, which is started from Chai Leng Park-Caltex to Golden Mile Complex or to Woodland. How is about the price of the bus ticket?

Choose Your Own Bus

Because of the journey from Penang to Singapore takes around 7 hours, you should find a way to kill the time. Trying to give you the solution, Billion Star Express is trying to serve you very well with its affordable ticket price, but luxurious touch inside. You can start your journey at 18.30 from Penang Komtar to Golden Mile Complex. You also can have another option, which is depart at 19.30 from Sungai Nibong to Golden Mile Complex or at 19.45 from Juru Toll to Golden Mile Complex.

If you want to kill the time, this is a great choice for you because you can continue to know the next episode of your favorite movie or even you can ask another passenger to sing along. If you do not want to miss the ticket, it would be better for you to do the previous booking. You can reserve first and do the payment soon. Therefore, you do not need to worry about anything else when you are ready to start your vacation. How if you cancel the ticket? You will get your money back, as long as you understand and already read the term and condition about the refund process.